Modern bathroom sink with wall with matte black wall mounted faucet and sink. LED Backlit mirror and decorative plant on the countertop.

We believe that you deserve accountability and a team that’s as completely invested in your success as you are...

From Concept...

Line sketch drawing of modern interior kitchen design.

To Completion

Single Family

We don’t build houses, we build homes. Working together with you, we consider the space, and how you’ll be using it. This approach results in original, customized designs that are literally built up around you to suit your unique needs and lifestyle.

Multi Family

We understand that the public’s needs and wants are always changing, and our designs are always evolving to stay ahead of the crowd. We deliver contemporary classics that sell, or, in other words, innovative construction that will stand the test of time.


We create functional spaces that showcase our clients’ unique brand, corporate identity, and corporate goals, such as sustainability or improving customer experience.


Complementing our work in real estate and interior design, iDesign also offers comprehensive product development and branding services. Whether it’s defining your brand identity, coming up with a marketing strategy, or managing your social media, it is iDesign’s mission to make you memorable.

Meet the Team

iD Design consulting's director and project manager, Jacqueline.
iD Design Consulting's director, Mike.
Portrait image of Hannah, iD Design's interior designer adding finishing touches to a house.
iD Design consulting's graphic designer, Queenie.
Portrait picture of Tammy, iD Design's copywriter